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In-Home Care

Family is at the heart of all we do

In-home care supports those in need of help while allowing them to thrive in their own environments. Catholic Charities has two programs that provide in-home care, the Care Team Ministry and CompanionCare.

Community Focused Support

Congregation-based teams offer visits of sustaining presence, reassuring phone calls, in-home support, and an array of non-medical services to aging persons and their caregivers. These services include rest and relief for caregivers, assistance with mail correspondence, sorting, organizing, and bill paying. Training and ongoing support for team members are provided through a unique collaboration of Catholic Charities and Oakwood Foundation. All team members are screened through background checks and thoroughly trained in topics and techniques such as: confidentiality, limits of care, handling an emergency, and active listening skills. Care Team members abide by the ethics of respectful and compassionate care, confidentiality, and services offered without discrimination.

To Those Being Served

To The Congregation

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Current Teams

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Program Coordinator

Melissa Kelley

702 S. High Point Rd, Suite 103
Madison, WI 53719

“Without the help of Catholic Charities, Mom and Dad would not be able to stay in their own home. Tamara’s help with cleaning, laundry, baking, etc. is a real blessing. Without her, I could not possibly take care of everything they need by myself. Mom and Dad have felt very comfortable with her Companions, it’s like they’ve become part of our family.”
– Dan