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From the Executive Director: The gift of good stewardship

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Shawn Carney

At Catholic Charities, we are constantly mindful of the responsibility we have to our donors and supporters. Each contribution is a testament to your belief in our mission and a commitment to making a positive impact across Southern Wisconsin.

Catholic Charities underwent a significant change in operations in January to foster prudent financial management and good stewardship of donor gifts. We consolidated our administrative office staff into a much smaller footprint within the iconic Holy Name Heights building, while our Family Programs staff moved to a cozy location near the Dane County Regional Airport.

When we embarked on our strategic planning process in 2023, the word “stewardship” became a recurring theme. In fact, the word recurred often enough that our Leadership Team adopted it as one of our five new organizational values – Compassion, Respect, Humility, Stewardship, and Community. By reducing our office footprint, we are not only minimizing overhead costs but also aligning our operations more closely with these new values.

This shift allows us to allocate more of our resources toward our programs and initiatives. Every dollar saved on rent and utilities can now be redirected toward serving our beneficiaries or expanding our outreach efforts. In essence, this decision enables us to maximize the impact of every donor’s contribution. That’s good stewardship.

The decision to downsize our office space is not just a matter of cost-cutting; it reflects our commitment to stewarding donor gifts responsibly. By optimizing our resources, reducing our footprint, and fostering a culture of collaboration, we are better positioned to fulfill our mission and honor the trust placed in Catholic Charities by our generous supporters. Thank you for helping us continue to make a meaningful difference across the Diocese of Madison.


Shawn Carney
Executive Director

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