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Catholic Charities’ mental health efforts highlighted by USCCB

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During a session of the USCCB’s 2024 Spring Plenary Assembly on June 13, Bishop Robert E. Barron of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota, was joined by Kerry Alys Robinson, president and CEO of Catholic Charities USA, and Brian Corbin, CCUSA executive vice president for member services, to share the work of Catholic Charities agencies in addressing mental health issues. In her remarks to the bishops, Robinson stressed the importance of being a “trauma-aware church” and the critical role that Catholic Charities plays in addressing the mental health crisis. Their remarks begin at the 14-minute mark in the video.

Our own Bishop Donald Hying also highlighted collaborative efforts between the Diocese of Madison and Catholic Charities to promote mental health initiatives at the parish level in South Central Wisconsin. This is a testament to our commitment to mental health and well-being. Bishop Hying’s remarks begin at 33:30.

Catholic Charities Diocese of Madison has partnered with CCUSA to offer the “Whole Hearted” parish-based trauma awareness program, as well as “Hope,” a free chat service providing encouragement and strategies to manage everyday stress and anxiety using chatbot technology.

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