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Memory Care

The Gathering Place at the Adult Day Center

Care for Alzheimer's & Memory Loss

Welcome to The Gathering Place at the Catholic Charities Adult Day Center, a sanctuary dedicated to providing compassionate and specialized care for adults experiencing Alzheimer’s and memory loss. The Gathering Place stands as the only center of its kind in Dane County, offering a safe haven where cognitive disorders are understood and managed with expert care.

Personalized Care

At The Gathering Place, we understand the journey of Alzheimer’s and memory loss is unique for every individual. That’s why we’ve designed a continuum of care that seamlessly transitions from our comprehensive program to more specialized support as needs evolve. Our certified team is committed to creating a nurturing environment filled with purposeful activities that not only cater to cognitive impairments but also celebrate the individuality of each participant.

Two Programs, One Facility

The Gathering Place is more than a program; it’s a community where connections are fostered, and memories are cherished. Alongside The Gathering Place, our Adult Day Center also offers the Connections program, tailored for adults with medical conditions, physical disabilities, mild cognitive concerns, or those who need assistance functioning independently at home. The dual presence of these programs in one facility allows us to offer a unique and continuous spectrum of care, ensuring a smooth transition and peace of mind for all involved.

Join us at the Catholic Charities Adult Day Center, where every moment is valued, and every individual is honored.