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About Us

Housing Navigation Servies

Housing help for homeless and housing insecure in Dane County.

Housing Navigation Services (HNS) is a program of Catholic Charities of Madison – created in partnership with Dane County – to provide compassionate, caring and culturally conscious services to individuals and families experiencing housing insecurity and homelessness. We want to ease this often stressful navigation by addressing your personal needs, preferences and barriers to achieving housing.

Our staff uses an individualized approach with each person or family, determining the level of assistance or case management needed while establishing a personalized housing plan. Additionally, resources such as employment and training, benefits, and overall health services are factored into housing plans.

Our Mission

To help the poor and vulnerable in our community utilize the resources and programs made for them and to make this often stressful navigation as easy to understand and as personalized as possible. 

Our Services

At Housing Navigation Services trust is key to all we do. Our staff is dedicated to crafting a personalized housing plan to help you find and keep your housing. Our services include:

Our goal is to help you to not only obtain housing but keep it.