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5 Door Client Essay: Journey

5 Door Recovery

The following essay was written by a former 5 Door client.


My current journey of sobriety has been short but incredible, I have had the chance to encounter some of the most unbelievable people and for that simple fact I have already begun to build a foundation of acceptance and personal reflection. In a sense, I’m glad that my way didn’t work and that I couldn’t do it on my own, because this allowed me to meet and cross paths with others that have walked in the shoes of addiction.

Whether it was individuals already in recovery, providing service and imparting their knowledge, or to those of us still foraging for sobriety; these connections provided a space and environment in which I could reflect and explore a new life path. I believe the bonds that are created during this spiritual excursion are key to us maintaining our goal of extended sobriety. I’m truly convinced we need this fellowship in order to grow and survive this affliction called ”Addiction.” I feel we need others to see and hear our pain and loss; as we need to hear theirs, so we can absorb, acknowledge, and empathize together.

Through this brief stint of sanity, I learned to question my beliefs and discern the difference between tolerance and acceptance, allowing me to dream again with less ego and bias. I have also realized my life has the potential to continue as it was prior to me abusing substances.

I am nowhere near the person I want to be yet, but after lowering my guard and opening my mind, I have rediscovered self-care and community, both of which I now perceive as the basic principles of a grounded existence. Furthermore, I feel more conscious of the healthy concepts of life and have begun to regain focus of my life goals.

And step closer on my journey to sobriety.

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