Mental Health in Schools

The Behavioral Health in Schools program provides individual psychotherapy at the school, to students who might otherwise be unable to attend traditional outpatient services

Building Bridges is a school-based mental health program that serves students in grades
4K-8, with immediate mental health needs, and their families.

Choices program is provided in area middle schools to reduce alcohol use by students. School staff help identify students who have a need for intervention and their parents agree for them to participate.  We educate and guide these youth towards healthier choices and improved functioning at home and school. Choices also provides education and resources for the parents, and if needed, referrals for treatment.

FACE-Kids provides group counseling services to Dane County children focusing on social-emotional wellness. FACE-Kids uses a collaborative system as a strategy to provide accessible group counseling in schools, neighborhood centers, and FACE-Kids agencies.



82% of teachers reported improved understanding of how mental health issues impact student behavior and learning



95% of parents feel included in their child's school experience as a result of working with the Building Bridges team.


92% of students reported a decrease or no previous use of alcohol.


93% of students in Dane County improved their level of functioning at home and in school

94% of students in Rock County increased their understanding of how to manage and cope with their problems.


74% of parents reported they are more effective with their child's emotional or behavioral needs.


65% of teachers have more tools to provide effective instructional strategies for their students since the involvement of Building Bridges.


Emily Jaime, MA, LMFT

Associate Director of Family Programs

Phone: (608) 826-8021


Trish Grant, MSSW, APSW (#126987-121)

Program Manager for Building Bridges

Phone: (608) 826-8008