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Eviction Prevention in Madison

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The Tenant Resource Center


The Tenant Resource center is a great resource for those who have already received an eviction notice, or who have questions regarding eviction. They have a number of useful article regarding eviction which can be found here. These include:

  • About Eviction – Which goes over the process of eviction, Types of eviction notices, and other common questions.
  • Debt Collection – Which addresses your legal rights if your debt goes into collection
  • Tenant Property and Property Left Behind – Which discusses if you are evicted from the property, what your rights are regarding any property that is left on the premise at the time of eviction.

And other helpful articles.

Eviction Prevention Clinics

In addition to their informational resources, The Tenant Resource Center also offers Eviction Prevention Clinics, which aim to help you in your eviction court hearing. If you want more information or to discuss your situation with their Eviction Prevention Team, you can call (608) 257-0006. If you are calling about an upcoming eviction, make sure to select urgent housing counseling.


If your landlord and you have a disagreement, but would like to try

Mediation is a voluntary process in which people with a disagreement meet together with a trained, impartial mediator. The mediator listens to both sides and guides the parties in clarifying and discussing the issues, identifying areas of agreement, developing possible solutions, and writing their own mutually satisfying agreement.

Tenant Resource Center has two mediation programs. The Upstream Project helps preempt evictions from going to court whereas At-Court Mediation takes place at eviction court.

At this time, our mediation services are limited to conflicts between tenants and landlords like eviction, noise complaints, security deposits, nonpayment of rent, and other lease violations. For more information, you can visit The Tenant Resource Center’s Mediation.

Rent Owed

If you are facing an eviction due to late payment or inability to pay, it is important to communicate with your landlord so they know what your circumstances are. There is also a fund set up to help those experiencing financial hardship pay their rent; this program is called CORE. This fund can be used to pay back rent owed from March 2020 to the present. Currently, application can be made online at the Dane county website. You can also find the eligibility criteria listed there as well.

Recent Housing Tips

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