For Cassie, getting back to normal won’t be easy. She needs someone who knows how to help her in these uncertain times. She needs a grown-up to help her down this scary road.

You can stop Cassie’s hurting.
Will send in a gift today to help her?

With your gift, Cassie will get professional help, in school. Cassie feels like no one loves her. Like she is alone. She is anxious and discouraged about going back to her classroom.  She refuses to participate. She doesn’t trust adults. She believes she is a bad kid.

Can you send a gift right now to help? To get Cassie supplies she needs to help her through counseling sessions.

If she does not get the help she needs, Cassie’s social and emotional struggles will hold her back at every turn. Cassie is heading down a road that will lead to incredible challenges for the rest of her life.

With your gift, Cassie will build
self-esteem and confidence in school and in her everyday life.

You have the power to help her. Your generosity can repair her broken world. Because of your love, she won’t feel alone. Your gift will give her confidence to succeed in school and with friends. And to trust adult role-models.

In addition to Cassie, there are so many people who need help now. Your gift will keep a child on track to succeed and support all the work of Catholic Charities to help more students like Cassie and thousands of others across southern Wisconsin who desperately need help.

Your gift right now will make a difference across southern Wisconsin.
Not only for the kids who are hurting, but also for so many more.
Can you spare a minute to send in your donation?

Please, will you send in a gift? You will love how it feels to help Cassie and so many others in their time of need!


Shawn Carney, Executive Director

P.S. A gift of just $10.27 will get Cassie the supplies she can use to get life-changing support. So she doesn’t feel alone. So she doesn’t hurt anymore. So she can succeed.

A gift made through this appeal represents a gift to support the entire mission of Catholic Charities of Madison. To help the most people, we will use your gift where it will do the most good by pooling it with the gifts of others.