Thank you for helping kids like Carly.

Homelessness and hunger are heavy baggage for a fourth grader.

One night, Carly was awakened by a tap on the car window followed by her father’s voice, “When will this stop?” The engine started. As they drove, she was curled-up in her back seat “bed” pretending to sleep, but she was on the verge of tears. The next morning, Carly sat in her fourth-grade classroom, tired, irritable and hungry.

Her teacher, Mrs. Miller, started the day by telling the class there would be no food for snack time. Carly snapped. She screamed at Dillon, who forgot his turn to bring snacks.

Mrs. Miller let the school’s Catholic Charities counselor know about Carly’s struggles. Soon Carly, and a few of her classmates, were in a group to help them manage what they were living through. Carly learned she was not alone and developed skills to help her cope with her situation and be prepared for future challenges. Your faith and belief in our mission is a significant reason we can help those who are at-risk.

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