Our Catholic Identity

The Church identifies key principles of Catholic Social Teaching that guide our response to those in need.

Catholic Charities embraces these principles as our core values. Our mission, vision, programs and services are focused on these vital teachings.

Life and Dignity of the Human Person

All people are sacred, made in the image and likeness of God. People do not lose dignity because of disability, poverty, age, lack of success, or race.

Call to Family, Community, and Participation

The human person is both sacred and social. We realize our dignity and rights in relationship with others, in community. "We are one body; when one suffers, we all suffer."

Rights and Responsibilities

People have a fundamental right to life, food, shelter, health care, education and employment. All people have a right to participate in decisions that affect their lives.

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

The moral test of a society is how it treats its most vulnerable members. The poor have the most urgent moral claim on the conscience of the nation.

The Dignity of Work and the Rights of Workers

People have a right to decent and productive work, fair wages, private property and economic initiative.


We are one human family. Our responsibilities to each other cross national, racial, economic and ideological differences.

Care for God's Creation

The goods of the earth are gifts from God.

"Our faith teaches us that poor people are not issues or problems but sisters and brothers
in God's one human family." -USCCB (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops)


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