Jackson Fonder, President & CEO of Catholic Charities Madison
"In the Gospel of John, we hear the story of Christ washing the feet of his disciples. It is a simple story that has been told and retold, and yet it is profoundly moving. The Son of God performs the job of a servant – and then commands them to do likewise, 'As I have done for you, you should also do.'

"This story is a constant reminder to me of what the Church commissioned Catholic Charities of Madison to do. We serve all our brothers and sisters – especially the poor, the hungry, the homeless, and the vulnerable. We value each person because we respect their human dignity. Catholic Charities sees the face of God in those in need.

"We are a Christian ministry of charity, service, and justice dedicated to providing help to those in need, hope to those in despair, and inspiration for others to follow.

"Catholic Charities has lived this mission and mandate since 1946. Through our mission we promise our clients, employees, donors, board members and volunteers that we will continually strive to be an agency of excellence. We will do our best to honor and care for every member of the human family of which we are privileged to be a part." ~
Jackson Fonder, President & CEO of Catholic Charities Madison


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