Support Broker

Support Brokers coordinate services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Support Brokers protect, preserve and promote the dignity and self sufficiency of our clients. Our belief is that people with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injury, and their families, have both the ability and the right to make decisions that influence their lives.

We ensure a person-centered approach is used in service planning. Our knowledge and expertise are combined to provide effective case management, therapeutic intervention and meaningful support to individuals and their families.
Services Offered
  • Assessment to help establish necessary and desired services, outcomes and goals.

  • Annual person-centered planning with the individual, their family and invited guests, which is based on the person’s support needs, life stage and personal preferences.

  • Information on service options and available community resources to meet desired goals.

  • Coordination of services and assistance in achieving personal goals.

  • Ongoing support, advocacy, and service coordination as people live their lives and change how they want to be supported.

  • Provide information on service options and available community resources.

  • Identify potential health and safety risks and advocate for needed changes.
Who Is Eligible
Adults who are residents of Dane County and have a developmental disability or traumatic brain injury. Dane County Department of Human Services determines eligibility for services. Please contact the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) at 608-240-7400 for eligibility.
Contact Information
Theresa Wonders-Tamez
Program Manager

Catholic Charities
702 S. High Point Road, Ste. 201
Madison, WI 53719
P: (608) 826-8107
F: (608) 826-8026
2015 Service Results
  • 100% of clients had access to heath care services and were satisfied with their care.
  • 100% of clients participated in the community.
  • 99% of clients maintained or increased their independence.
  • 99% of clients were satisfied with their personal life.
  • 100% of clients were satisfied with their services.


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