The following are actual testimonials from people who have participated with Catholic Charities services for people with developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injury.

Community Living

“The staff and management strive toward providing my son with the best care. He is receiving the most complete range of services he has had in a home setting.” – Parent of Client

"Karl has grown so much since he has been with your program. It is the opportunity he needed to put meaning behind his existence. Before Catholic Charities he was so unhappy. Now he is extremely happy all the time! Thank you!" – Guardian of Client

"Everyone wants to live in a Catholic Charities home." – Service Provider

" Eric was born with developmental disabilities and lived with his parents until he was 33 years old. With your staff support, he learned to live with roommates and make some of his own decisions. He's joined a church, made new friends, and continues to grow as he makes positive changes in his life." – Guardian of Client

"Everyone is very caring to the clients. They take the participants places and do so many social outings with them." –Service Provider

Recreation Program

"My daughter enjoys gong to the high school plays and since they are supervised by the Recreation Program staff, I don’t have any concerns about her safety.  Thank you!" – Parent of Client
"We enjoy the reception and hospitality offered by the recreation event staff. It’s always nice visiting with them and clients from other programs." – Guardian of Client

Youth Living Alternatives

“I feel the quality of services that my son receives through Catholic Charities' Youth Living Alternatives program couldn’t be better! This program is an answer to my prayers. I won’t be able to repay the help my son and I have received from this program.” – Parent of Client

“Catholic Charities is doing a wonderful job. I feel the staff and the program manager know my son better than most and meet all of his needs. I could not be happier with the care and support he receives.” – Parent of Client

“The communication with Youth Living Alternatives is excellent. Not one complaint. The broker has a great approach with the families we share.” -Broker from another community agency