The following are actual testimonials from people who have participated in Catholic Charities services for Children, Family, and Individuals.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

“I was at my absolute bottom. Hope Haven gave me love, care, and compassion. They gave me structure and changed my life in a way I didn’t think was possible. I would really like addicts who are still suffering to know there is a way out. It’s really possible. I had no idea things could get so much better. Hope Haven planted that seed in me and helped me figure out how I could get this for myself. I KNOW other people can do this too.”

"The staff have treated me like a valued family member. In my 10 years of bouncing in and out of treatment, I have never been treated better. Thank you!"

"My daughter went to expensive treatment centers in California and Florida but they didn't work for her. Hope Haven isn't a spa and doesn't have all the bells and whistles of high end facilities, but your treatment worked for her. Thanks to you she is now clean and sober."

"The staff is amazing and supportive. I have participated in nutrition class, pet therapy, art therapy, FSET, and group therapy. We have awesome and informing lecture groups and one-on-one support and counseling. The cook is excellent and very informative about nutrition."

Building Bridges

"Building Bridges staff have been instrumental in getting my student and his family the support and mental health treatment needed. It is a pleasure working with Building Bridges." Teacher

"It was clear that Building Bridges staff developed a very strong relationship my student's mom and helped her to feel empowered when her son transferred to my school. The family now has access to multiple supports and is set up for success. Your relationship with my student and his mom formed a foundation and made it easy to for me to bond with the family." Teacher

"The Building Bridges counselor was amazing to work with – extremely accessible and always open to discuss cases with me. She was a great listeners and a huge support not only to me but our teachers and families. She was able to help me think outside the box when I was 'too close' to the situation." Principal

"It was great to have resources for my student who is dealing with loss. The grieving process is difficult and Building Bridges was another support for this student and the family. Building Bridges helps families with additional community connections that I have not been able to effectively manage due to my immense caseload. I am very appreciative to have this program at my school." Teacher

"All of the support my son has received has helped him tremendously! Small steps are really huge for him. Building Bridges is so wonderful. It’s been great having the support!" Parent

"The Building Bridges staff helped me to know how to manage my niece's behavior and she’s doing so much better in school." Guardian

"Building Bridges helped us develop morning and evening schedules, as well as departing from and arriving at school schedules. Doing those things helps us manage my daughter's behaviors better and lessens our stress. Great job!" Parent

"Building Bridges has been really helpful with providing me different resources and helping me have a better relationship with school staff. I learned how to communicate with the teachers and know the right questions to ask." Parent

Birth to 3

"My daughter was born with Down Syndrome and joined Catholic Charities' Birth to 3 program at four months of age. Penny is now about to turn three and has made steady progress over the past two years. My daughter has been receiving Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech Therapy through your program. The Therapists provided our family with the foundational tools along the way in order to continue to challenge Penny in all areas. She struggled with motor activities because of her overall weakness. However, we became good at allowing Penny the time needed for her to struggle and complete tasks independently. Penny now moves around independently, loves to color, and play imaginatively with her doll houses."


"The program helps me make better choices and know what I should stay away from.”

"I liked everything about this program. The group leaders were beyond helpful. They are caring and understanding. I learned it’s OK to say no to your friends."

"I learned how important it is to stay in school to have the sort of jobs I'd like as an adult."


"I learned how to deal with my stress and anxiety."

"I liked getting to talk about my stress and how to deal with my problems."

"It helped me a lot with my anger."

"Getting to come here every week and getting time to share and meet has been a huge help."

"I'm together with people who understand me and know what I am going through. I don’t feel lost anymore."

"It is valuable to have this program in schools because this program helps validate students thoughts and feelings which helps them identify problem areas and helps them work through their problems.” -School Social Worker

Mental Health Counseling

"Our counselor is terrific. We’ve had other counselors outside of Catholic Charities, and he is by far the best. He listens and offers specific strategies that have worked for us."

"Getting to come here every week and getting time to share and meet has been a huge help."

"I started therapy one year ago. At the time I was depressed and struggling with anxiety from grief issues. I had lost my job due to my issues and began having relationship problems. I felt hopeless. Over a period of several months I was able find employment and work through my grief. Recently I even was able to resolve my relationship issues. Now I have a positive attitude and genuinely look forward to each day."

"These are good counselors and they help me deal with my diagnosis for the real world."

"My life was consumed with caring for my husband and a son born with severe disabilities. I was so exhausted caring for others that I couldn’t function. When I started therapy with Catholic Charities I was depressed. Gradually I learned to set limits on what I did for my family. I now have a new sense of self-worth and started to enjoy life again."

"I think this counseling is helping me tremendously. I feel that I am able to handle my stressors better now that I have been in counseling. It is also great to have an unbiased party to use as a sounding board. Thank you!"

"Coming to counseling has helped me to go through my situation a lot easier. They understand my problems and personality."

"My Counselor is very compassionate, honest, hard-working, and respectful. I do not feel as alone with my struggles because I work with him."

"You are a life saver and accommodated me and my financial hardship. Thank you!"

"Catholic Charities has been a God send. It has helped me through my worst times."

Parish Mobile Food Pantry

“Without this I wouldn’t have anything for my family. What would we do if we didn’t have your help?”

“Your pantry helps a lot, especially with the price of my medication."

Post Adoption Resource Center

“I found your presentation most helpful! Thank you again for the wealth of information. I am so excited and know my daughter will benefit from the support and resources as well!”

“You made a big difference in the lives of 130 people. I had parents with tears in their eyes thanking us for what we provided. I saw children making connections with each other. I saw girls bursting with pride in their beautiful braided hair.” Co-organizer of African American Culture Camp