Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Catholic Charities services for children, families, and individuals.

Birth to 3

Q.  Who is eligible to receive Birth to 3 program services?

A.  The Birth to 3 Program is for children ages birth to 36 months. Eligibility is based on a diagnosed disability or significant delay in one or more areas of development. The team evaluates the child’s ability to: learn (cognitive development); move, see and hear (physical/motor development); communicate and understand others communication (speech and language development); respond to and relate with others (social and emotional development); and eat, dress and care for daily living needs (adaptive development).

Q.  How will the Birth to 3 Program help?

A.  The earlier a child’s developmental delays are discovered, the more opportunities there are for a child to increase skills and abilities. The goal is to help children participate in their communities. In addition, services are “family centered” and provided in a way that makes sense for each family.  

Q.  Where services are provided?

A.  Services will be provided in the child’s natural environments. The settings are unique to each family and might include the home, child care, and other community settings.

Q.  What services and supports that are available?

A.  The services and supports that might be provided are based on the child’s developmental strengths and needs. Some of the services that are available include:  family education, developmental education services, communication services, related health services, occupational therapy, and physical therapy.

Mental Health Counseling

Q. Do you need to be Catholic to receive Counseling Services?

A. No you do not. Everyone is welcome.

Q. Do you take insurance?

A. Yes, we do take insurance. It is best for you to call your insurance company and find out your coverage for mental health and ask for a list of providers. Or you may call our office at (608) 826-8010 and give the information to the intake worker. The intake worker can check on your insurance for you to see if your insurance will cover your visits.   

Q. What if I don’t have insurance, can I still come to Catholic Charities?

A. Yes. Catholic Charities has a “sliding fee scale” for people that do not have insurance. Your fee is based on your gross household income. For instance, if you are married and you and your spouse both work, your fee is based on both incomes. If you are single and live with roommates, your fee is based on just your household income. Our lowest fee is $15 per session.

Q. What if I have insurance yet Catholic Charities is not a provider in our network? Can I still receive services from Catholic Charities?

A. We welcome the opportunity to provide our services, and your fee would be based on our “sliding fee” scale. However, if you do have insurance and have chosen not to use your insurance plan, our lowest fee on our sliding scale would be $40.00 per session (rather than $15.00).  

Q. What kind of counseling does Catholic Charities provide?

A. We offer individual, couples, and family therapy. Our licensed psychotherapists have years of experience helping people make significant and positive changes in their lives. We help people with issues such as marital conflicts, parent-child relationship issues, school difficulties and personal adjustment problems as well as depression, anxiety and grief and loss issues.  

We also have a therapist that specializes in helping individuals and families cope with trauma. Trauma is defined as both immediate and situational, to include life stressors such as crime, violence, natural disaster, medical crisis, divorce, etc., and secondly, chronic, enduring trauma caused by emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse. Please call our intake coordinator at (608) 826-8010 to learn more.

Parish Mobile Food Pantry

Q. Can anyone attend the Parish Mobile Food Pantry?    

A. Yes, everyone is welcome to any of our pantries.

Q. Are there eligibility requirements?    

A. No, if you attend one of our pantries we assume you need the extra help.

Q. Do we need to show identification for how many people are in our family?       

A. No, we trust you will take only what you need.

Q. Can we visit every month?   

A. Yes, you can visit every month.

Q. Is more food given to larger families?

A. We will do our best to give enough food for family size. You will let the person at the sign in table know the number of people in the family.

Parish School Counseling

Q. What is the benefit of providing Parish School Counseling services to students?

A. Many Catholic school teachers and principals are directly confronted with the challenge of providing quality education to students while also trying to address each student’s emotional needs. Because it is especially difficult to play both the role of full time teacher or principal, and the role of counselor, Catholic Charities offers Catholic schools an opportunity to take advantage of an affordable School Counselor program. The School Counselor program is designed as a cost-effective way to improve and support the emotional well-being of children which enhances their academic and social success in school.

Q. How does the program work?

A. Parish School Counseling is a cost effective way to make available the skills of a Master’s Level counselor without having to add the expenses of salary, benefits, liability insurance, and supervision to your budget. You can purchase only the amount of the counselor’s time that you need to address the issues that are facing your students today - alcohol and drugs, peer pressure, friendship concerns, bullying and violence, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and family concerns, such as divorce. Service is provided individually, in groups, and in the classroom. Referrals to mental health agencies and other service providers are made when more intensive services are needed.