Behavioral Health in Schools

Behavioral Health in Schools provides school-based therapy for students with significant mental health needs.

The Behavioral Health in Schools program provides individual psychotherapy at the school, to students who might otherwise be unable to attend traditional outpatient services. They might be struggling with issues of anxiety, depression, trauma, anger, or attention. As a  result of these struggles, the child is sometimes absent from the classroom or may be a disruptive influence within the classroom.

Our primary goal is to stabilize these behaviors and improve the learning environment by providing individual therapy to the students.  The secondary goal of the program is to work with the school’s support staff (school social worker, counselor, psychologist, Behavior Support Teams) and anyone who works with children at the school.  Our therapist can provide an additional layer of support and bring a specialized set of skills that can assist the school with helping children succeed within the classroom.

Services Offered

Licensed mental health professionals:

  • Access and coordinate mental health supports in the community

  • Develop and meet with student services teams

  • Observe clients in the classroom setting

  • Provide mental health professional development to teachers and school staff

Length of service can vary, depending on each child's unique challenges. The majority of the students have moderate to long-term needs.

Cost for Service
Services are billed to the students' insurance for payment. We have a contract with Dane County who helps cover the cost for students who do not have insurance.
Who Is Eligible
This service is currently offered in Aldo Leopold Elementary, Glendale Elementary, Mendota Elementary, Schenk Elementary and Sennett Middle Schools. We plan to expand the program to include other schools and may also offer it to high school students. We serve students and their families regardless of religion, race, ethnic background, and socio-economic status.
Contact Information

Thomas Kaufman, LPC
Clinical Coordinator

Catholic Charities
702 S. High Point Road, Ste. 105
Madison, WI 53719
P: (608) 826-8010


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