The following are actual testimonials from people who have participated with Catholic Charities Aging Services.


"We always look forward to our CompanionCare companion coming to visit. She is so willing to help and accommodate." Bill and Louise, clients

"This program and the Companion remain a very important part of our client’s ability to stay in his apartment. He benefits greatly from the Companion’s visit." Case Manager, South Madison Senior Coalition

“My Companion helps me stay independent and feel less lonely. I have referred 2 others!” Client

“The Companions are experts at what they do. They take what is an uncomfortable life situation and make it easier for us to cope and adjust.” Son of Client

"CompanionCare was just what we needed to help break up Mom’s hours of being home alone. Her Companion helped keep her sharp by reading the newspaper and discussing current events. We also appreciated the staff's great advice when things weren’t going so well and we needed an outside perspective on things." Stephanie, daughter

"I really enjoy our going away to special places, and I enjoy talking to my Companion." Dolores, client

“We value the extra layer of companionship you give to our mother. Our Companion is awesome!” Daughter of Client

“Your helpers are wonderful, kind, and very helpful. My husband and I like every Companion.” Client

"CompanionCare helps clients with instrumental, social, and emotional needs." Case Manager, Care Wisconsin

"The Companion is very kind and gentle with my dad. She offers him diverse stimulation, both mentally and physically." Rita, daughter

From the Companion

“I was looking for something to give me a purpose – cause me to feel fulfilled. It had been five years since my husband died and I was ready to put my faith, talents and skills to work again. There were many ads in the Sunday paper but nothing 'spoke to me.' Then, one Sunday I glanced at the ad for the CompanionCare program. It leaped out at me and I felt God saying, 'This is it. This is what you have been waiting for!' My life has not been the same since I was interviewed, screened, hired, trained and assigned clients.

I wake up each morning with such purpose! I am enjoying life so much more than before I became a part of the CompanionCare program. I have been fortunate to serve such remarkable courageous seniors. My supervisor somehow places me with clients that bless my very soul. This program allows seniors to receive support and maintain dignity and self-worth. I know I am really helping my clients to be able to live in their home rather than an institution. I make sure they feel positive about themselves and encourage them to exercise their faith – whatever tradition it may be. I love my job!”

Respite Care Team

“I enjoy the Respite Care Team Ministry visits immensely.  It makes life easier when you take me shopping or bring information that’s important to me.”

“You are my connection to my church family and keep me informed about what is happening in the congregation. I like it when we go to concerts in the park or bring dinner and sit down to eat with me and my caregiver. You are easy to talk to and supported me and my daughter when my husband recently died.”

“Every time you come to visit, I say a prayer to thank God that He sent you to me.”

“You take me to doctor appointments, medical procedures and surgeries. I like it when you sit to hear what the doctor says. My doctors and nurses like it too.”

What I value most about the ministry is:

“Knowing someone is checking on my husband’s well-being in my absence.”

“The visitation and calls to see if we need any help.”

“That people come to visit regularly.”

“The kindness and gentle, understanding attention towards my uncle.”


From the Congregations:

“We get such great support and service from you.”

“Thank you for your thoughtful support and information.”

“I really enjoy seeing you at our monthly meetings. You share so much interesting information and are so uplifting.”

“Thanks for all you do for our team and the others here. You are such a blessing to us.”

“We feel so cared for with your attention to us and by your deep spirit.”

From the Team Members:

“As a care team member, I have been blessed by my very dear partners and by our whole team; by the stories of caring and being cared for, and by our leaders as they guide us.”

“Being a care team member has been important to me because it filled a void in my life. I knew down deep that I wanted to do something useful for others, but until this opportunity, I didn’t know how to find a way.”

“I would strongly encourage another person to become a care team minister because your own faith becomes strengthened in the process.”

“What I really love about the care team is being a part of a network of caring individuals. I am fed by the others on the team.”

“I would really encourage people to become a care team minister because simple acts of kindness, like sitting and listening or acknowledging feelings can be so helpful to others.”

“What you receive is always beyond what your give.”

“Care team monthly meetings are an important time to me because when we gather, everyone’s partner becomes all of our partners. We are all renewed by each other.”